A Desperate Old Woman

A Desperate Old Woman

Darkness covers the day

As the old woman goes to roost

Always numb with sorrow

Her limbs withered by both age and starvation

As her lean body sears the pain against the bare floor

Her heart giving her a leap

to contrast her present with her past

The past that she thrilled with raptures

That only burns up her life

Forcing her mind to burst to wail

Groping about in the dark Ashanti alone

And sobs her heart out

As tears trickle down the creases around her cheeks

Creating a multiple steams on her face

And as the dawn draws

Her cheeks pallid and wan

She wiggles using a walking stick

Warbling with the morning birds

And feel the warmth of their company

In the realm of her imaginations

Feeling in her bones that death is looming

Needing someone to listen to her tale of woe.