The Theater for Students Project

In the past decade, The Great Globe Foundations has sponsored the travel and ticket costs for over 400 students to attend regional theater performances and educational arts programs throughout the United States. Since 2006, over 10,000 students and their families have also been able to attend local theatrical and artistic events including The Utah Shakespeare Festival and the Shakespeare-in-the-Schools Tour. In addition, over 100 students each year have been provided with opportunities to participate in numerous theater workshops, competitions, and arts classes under the direction of professional artists and arts educators.

As arts programs throughout the United States continue to have their budgets cut under new economic stresses, the volunteers and sponsors of the Great Globe Foundation facilitate year-round student theater trips to performances around the country; which include all tickets, transportation, food, lodging, and supervision either gratis or at a greatly reduced cost. This enables a diverse group of students to participate as audience members, who otherwise would never have such an opportunity. These students also have the opportunity to train and learn from professional artists in the form of ensemble-based workshops in Classical text, Voice, Movement, Stage Combat, and a variety of other theatrical disciplines.

The Great Globe Foundation’s Theater for Students Project is an ongoing endeavor. Our goal is to increase opportunities throughout the United States for students and their families to participate in the numerous, existing, professional theater and arts performances and educational programs. This will help more of America’s youth better realize their unique power and potential in the world.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on…” – William Shakespeare