CCM Dadaab Theater Project Symposium

CCM Dadaab Theater Project Symposium

How the Hurt Helped
And How the Help Hurt
And Why Go Through It All Again

Dadaab and Beyond:

The Challenges of Global Outreach in a Changing World

On Thursday January 17th, The Great Globe Foundation in partnership with CCM Drama conducted a Dadaab Theater Project symposium at the University of Cinicinnati College Conservatory of Music. Together with original Dadaab Theater Project members from Cincinnati, Julianna Bloodgood (co-founder of the Dadaab Theater Project) skyping in from Poland, filmmakers David Sutcliffe and Su Kim, Michael Littig (co-founder of the Dadaab Theater Project), Richard Hess (director of the Collaspsible Space Between Us), and moderator Michael Burnham, the panel shared their experiences of participating in the Dadaab Theater Project.

Abdi Rashid, African member of the Dadaab Theater Project, shared his thoughts from afar in response to his experience of participating in the Dadaab Theater Project.

The Dadaab theatre project helped me to transform after years-long depression and traumatization. It also helped me to express myself and as well communicate to different people and communities of distinct backgrounds.It also helped me gain some level of expertise and in the end acquired an artistry in writing.

My challenges of participating in the Dadaab theatre project include the lack of proper space for conducting the trainings. We conducted our trainings in small community halls that looked like a derelict buildings that was engulfed by a dust-trodden traffic road which has negatively impacted my health.

I would like to engage in an other international exchange program like the Dadaab theatre project because it will help me connect with international friends which I believe will help me rise up and make me feel, hear and see in the dark that will enable me to disentangle from what seems the inescapable terror and the circles of sorrow.Also another international exchange will help me learn new skills, experience and ideas.

The best lesson I have learnt in the exchange program was that, story telling can change the world because there exists a story behind every person especially on those whose luck suffered a cruel reversal.