Dadaab and Beyond

Dadaab and Beyond

Dadaab and beyond is a student organized arts outreach group created in response to this summer’s Dadaab Theater Project. The goal of the group is to continue with objectives that made the dadaab theater project so inspiring. We search to find ways in which we can use our developing craft to aid our local and global community. We organize once a week to make our plan for the following week. Out doors are open to everyone and we are grateful to have the constant support of both Michael Burnham and Richard Hess.

In the last two weeks we have helped lead protests for both the ‘occupy’ movement and the homeless coalition of Cincinnati.

Other current projects include:

Developing an open room of creativity for young abused women by other young woman.

Finding ways to make use of the extreme excess at university cafeterias (excess swipes, wasted money and wasted food).