My Girl Child Education is Lost!

My Girl Child Education is Lost!

Kauthar recently wrote us about her current situation in Dadaab. She feels unsafe as her home is consumed with violence and instability. She wrote this poem in hopes that people will continue to listen…

My Girl Child Education is Lost!

by: Kauthar Asad Warsame

Because my life is in danger!
I fear of what I don’t believe in,
darkness, pain and sorrow,
Fear my life is taken away,
to be strong and not straying away,
fear of being left alone,
and attacked by unknown.

I fear that my flame stops burning,
I fear I don’t find anything in future,
I fear being in another’s custody,
I fear that I might be helpless.

I fear the darkness within my light,
so I don’t need a reason to smile,
I fear for my soul being taken away,
I fear my enemies comes to kill,
steal and destroy me.

Fear for my last breath leaving me,
fear for my body,
fear of I dying young,
so I will never find it again.

Moment where I felt alive,
I fear for my pain and suffering,
when I leave my world ended,
when my ambition surrender.

Fear of sad explanation,
hearing you’re gone,
fear there will be no more you,
when it’s just me,

Fear of human interest,
with faith in God,
fear for my birth,
fear for my mind,
fear for my creation.